Sunday, February 26, 2017

End of February 2017 Update

We  have snow on the ground - I'm looking forward to Spring
Thank you for taking time to stop by the Creative Living Well.  It is a collection of blogs covering various subjects to encourage a life of health and abundant living. I've added a number of new posts this week and I have given you links to them in the text below. There are many other posts in each of the tabs here at the Creative Living Well. Just in the Devotional Tab there are over 300 inspirational posts. Feel free to spend some time in the archives of each tab if you like what you find here. Thank you also for telling your friends. This site is a work in progress and I try to add to some of the areas about every week.

Devotional: This week in the Devotional tab I got caught up on posting the book reports that I have done as part of my first year student work at the International Healing Rooms School of Transformation. We are required to read one book per month and to write a book report for that book. We have had some great books so far and I plan to keep posting them as I go through the four year ministry program. I hope you will enjoy them and perhaps be inspired to read some of these books for your own journey of transformation. They are all linked below or you can find them and many other inspiring posts under the devotional tab above.

Translating God - by Shawn Bolz
SOZO - by Dawna DeSilva and Teresa Liebscher 
Healing In the Kingdom -  by Cal Pierce
Receive Your Healing and Reclaim Your Health by Cal Pierce
Destined To Win by Kris Vallotton

Prayer Loft: The prayer loft tab has photos and from the many hands on prayer themes that are a big part of worship at the Gathering House in Spokane Washington. I have been creating them every 2-3 months for about the last five years. I am attempting to find photos and videos of each of them as well as some of the hands on ideas we have come up with along the way. This week I am adding a post about the Holy Holy Holy prayer loft. You can experience it in person 10am on any Sunday at the Gathering House. It will be changing it to a new Spring theme around Easter.
• Holy Holy Holy Prayer Loft 

Self Care: Tips for Staying Well is a list of proactive things you can do to keep from getting or recycling the crud that goes around.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

New Prayer Loft Tab

This week I have added a Prayer Loft tab to the Creative Living Well site. I have been creating prayer lofts for my church for about 6 years. They are intended to inspire one to worship and reflect on various truths about God. I wanted them to have hands on ways for people to connect with God in prayer. It is a form of visual praise and worship rather than the familiar sung worship.

When I first presented the idea to my pastor and other leaders. I was pretty sure they would think I was a bit crazy.

The idea after all came from a vision that I had. I had tried to capture what I saw and had drawn my proposal on to 3x5 cards.

I told them I wanted to create a river flowing down from heaven onto a sandy beach filled with jewels and stones. You could pray by writing in the sand or lighting a candle.

They said yes go for it! So I got my friend Donnie Covert to design and build a big sand box type counter in the area that had once been a choir loft at the church and I started working on the banners. There were a number of people who pitched in and helped sew things to the banners. It was my friend Lisa Johnson who helped create the wonderful fish.  Not sure where these banners have gone - they are probably lost in a bin in my basement. I'm sure they will surface again one day.

At that time I was able to create and install the prayer lofts and they would stay up for several months. In our new building they have to be designed in a way that they can go up and down each week.

                                                  Anyway I will be adding these and other prayer loft projects to the Prayer Loft tab. I've done at least 4 per year. I hope I will be able to find photos of the older ones.

Prayer Rocks

In the Devotional Tab I have added the five Advent readings that I wrote to go along with The For To Us Prayer Loft based on Isaiah 9. I needed to link them to the post in the Prayer Loft Tab so it seemed a good time to add them.

Hope you enjoy the site and will tell others about it.
Please check back I have tons of stuff I need to add and will be posting as often as I can.

Blessings, Margot

The River Prayer Loft - the very first prayer loft!