Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Divine Encounters

Im enjoying a snow day today. I was thinking about how Jesus met a woman at a well. The things he told her astounded her. The idea that true worshipers would not need to go to the Temple in Jerusalem to worship. True worshipers would worship in Spirit and in truth. This would have been shocking information for this Samaritan woman who was at the well during off hours to avoid meeting the mocking towns women who's lives were far better than her own messed up life.  Then Jesus tells her about her self and about himself and in an instant she is changed and becomes an evangelist to the city.  What would seem a chance encounter was in actuality a divine encounter. 

Sometimes we have these kind of divine encounters like that of the woman at the well.  I met a woman named Dianna about a week ago at the Spokane Healing Rooms. I'm not sure which of us was more powerfully impacted by the "chance" meeting. She singled me out and asked me to pray for her about her art.  After I prayed with her, she said she was supposed to give me personally a $33 dollar donation.  I shared with her that the Lord had been speaking to me about creating some kind of creative wellness center. I mentioned taking little steps of faith towards doing it. She said to me "I think you are a lot farther along than you realize. You just have a few more steps to go." Maybe there is an actual physical location in the future but I realized in that moment I do have a lot of what I was envisioning already happening. I realized in that moment that could create an on-line version and much of that is already things I have done or am already doing. You just never know what God will do through a divine encounter. I've learning to live expectantly.

I have felt like I needed to include others in this journey and at this point I don't fully know what it may become. After speaking with Dianna I took another step of faith to begin creating this site. The name that came to me as I prayed was Creative Living Well. So I checked to see if it was available as a blog name and as a facebook page name. It was, and  it was also available as domain name http://www.creativelivingwell.com for $12.95 a year. I have built a lot of sites through the years and I have never had everything line up or the first name I looked for be available across the board. I have to believe that God is granting favor for this to become a reality. So I have begun the process of building this resource. It is a work in progress but I invite you to be part of it as it grows and develops.

So...Creative Living Well is born - I like the double imagery of the name. I like the idea that actual wells had to be dug or re-dug to support life in ancient times. Water determined where cities were built and where life happened. People had to physically go to those places to get their daily water needs.  We also can be living wells that flow with living water that comes from our restored relationship with Almighty God through Jesus Christ. In yet another sense we need things that water our body, soul and spirit and it is my hope that you will find resources for physical, spiritual and creative things to inspire and heal your soul.

So I invite you to come and drink.

Thank you Dianna for your words of encouragement and the first donation towards making this site a reality.

Thank you also to Pastor Carol at the Healing Rooms School of Transformation. She is a source of ongoing encouragement. I was telling her about my devotional blog where I already have hundreds of in depth Bible studies written and posted. She visited it and informed me that I already have quite a legacy already built there. Some times it takes others to see what we have become so accustomed to that we don't even realize the treasure we have accumulated. Click the Devotional tab above or spin to it on your phone where it says home above. It's  just one of the resources available to you here at Creative Living Well.

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