Monday, January 30, 2017

Creative Living Well Overview

Celtic Aires Photo of Margot  
This is a work in progress kind of site. Here you will find posts of things that I hope will inspire wellness in every are of your life. Wellness is more than just eating right and exercise. It is a place for creative life, health and encouragement for the whole person body, spirit and soul. I've just added new posts to the Worship and to the Devotional tabs plus I want to let you know about some of the other tabs and things I hope to add in the future. I will add updates like this to keep you informed about things that are new and other posts like the previous one called Old Fashioned Letter Writing that celebrate things that I discover or see people doing that promote greater wellness.

At the top of the page in each of the tab areas listed below you will always find a tab that will return you to Creative Living Well. I hope you are able to easily navigate between each of these blog areas.

Use the Worship tab or this link and I have just added a post called Every Tribe and Tongue and People and Nation. It is a beautiful worship service with songs from all over the world. Here is one that you will find with a number of others. I hope you will take some time to worship and pray for refugees and the underground church.

Self Care:
This is an older post but still a good one about Coloring for Stress Relief. There are also some older post that in the future probably will fit in the Healing Herbs and Oils. Like I said this is a work in progress as I try to round up some previous blog projects in to one place. In this one I hope to add idea of ways to encourage self care. To often we take care of everyone else and we need to remember to take care of our selves as well. So click the Self Care tab or use this link 

In this area there are over 300 posts that I wrote daily in a two year period several years ago. When I went to Massage school I decided I needed to take a break from that writing schedule. I am unlikely to add to it daily at this point but I plan to add things more regularly. So today I added a post called Do Not Be Afraid Of Their Faces you can use the tab above or this link.  Inside that are you will find my music room where there are a number of non professional recordings I have done over the years of songs that I've written or songs that I love.

Healing Herb and Oils 
I will be adding to this area things to do with essential oils and herbs. The current post there is called One Day at a Thyme and it looks a the healing benefits and uses of White Thyme Essential Oil. Use the tab above or follow this link  

There is also a tab that will take you to the Creative Living Well face book page. It is a better place to leave comments and take part in what I hope will become a community of people who interact with this site.

Currently there is a post about one of my larger mosaic projects. Im always working on something creative. I do mosaics, I draw, paint, do some jewelry and assorted other things that I will share both some new and old projects as time allows.

Celtic Aires
This is a women's singing group that I am a part of. This tab will take you to our Facebook page where there are video recordings of songs that we have performed. Our director Karen Stahl and I got together to do some celtic music and quickly decided that we need more than two altos, a harp and guitar. The group has had many wonderful people sing and play with us and we all look forward to rehearsals and opportunities to share our music.  There is wellness in being a part of something and working together with others to create beauty and joy.

Things I hope to add in the future

Good Eats 
a tab with delicious healthy recipes.

I've got a number of wellness class ideas that I would love to share either on line videos or as local events.  Just need to figure out the best way to make it work.

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